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Artificial Turf

Artificial turf, some love it and some hate it, here at Lawn and Turf we believe it has its place.

Artificial turf is perfect for those small areas that need some green, such as:

  • No mowing
  • No water
  • No fertiliser
  • No chemicals
  • Looks good all year round

The quality of the product has improved hugely with several different products on the market which can vary with coarse and fine blades along with different lengths.

With house sites becoming smaller and tighter, it is becoming more unsuitable for lawn mower access and often the sites have high fences with multi storied houses. Normal lawns simply under perform with the limited light and air flow.

Artificial Turf is the perfect solution for these sites and is surprisingly cost effective, no mowing, no weeds, no watering, with very low maintenance requirements. Artificial Turf is not only for those small compact areas, it is commonly used in childcare centres, fitness stations, private golf greens and larger lawn areas. It is a very versatile product that is changing the trends of normal lawns especially as regulations and restrictions on access to water increase.

We have a range of product available for you to sample your preference of lawn type. Contact us for a free quote and view of our products.


Artificial Turf is supplied by Urban Turf



Bayside 35

Bayside 45



Leisure Series 15


Pro Serve

Ready Grass

True Putt