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Our fantastic team have extensive knowledge and experience in irrigation design, installation and maintenance. They have a broad knowledge base and background in Rainbird, Toro and Hunter irrigation systems. At Lawn & Turf Contracting we use Rainbird and Toro components for our irrigation systems. They have Wi-Fi features which means you can access your irrigation from anywhere in the world managing your water use in the best way possible and ensuring you have a great looking turf all year round.

Our irrigation systems are tailored and designed specifically for your garden and lawn and environment. Just like humans need water to survive so do our plants therefore if you’re wanting a healthy, green, strong, lush looking lawn then it’s essential to ensure that your garden has sufficient water supplies. This is where Lawn and Turf Contracting can help you!

Lawn and Turf will provide you with a watering/ irrigation system that works for you in any environment. It will mean that the hassle of towing hoses and waiting to water plants will be over, with the ability to have technology do all the hard work for you. You will have the ability to water your lawn and garden in the comfort of your own home, you could be enjoying quality time with your family or simply having a glass of wine with friends all while admiring the beautiful green lawn in front of your deck while it’s being watered.

Contact Lawn and Contracting to hear how we can help you get the best out of your lawn and garden.