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Erosion Control

Stopping dirt in its tracks, stopping sediment and silt from entering the waterways, drains and anywhere we don’t want soil.

The best, fastest and cheapest way to stop erosion is Hydromulching seed (Hydroseeding) onto the soil and growing vegetation to stabilize the ground. Hydromulching provides an effective tool to stabilize your sites.

Wood fibre mulch is a three-dimensional product which creates the perfect growing environment for the seed to germinate by having superior moisture, air, and nutrient retention, as well as providing exceptional stickabiltiy which out performs other products which can be used in the market. Paper products are only one dimensional and can provide inconsistent results due to poor moisture and air retention that is critical for good germination.

We would like the opportunity to collaborate with you on any upcoming jobs you may have. With climatic conditions we have experienced recently there is a lot of slip work requiring re vegetating.

With increasingly adverse  weather, there needs to be a priority on erosion control and re-vegetation. We also have a fantastic product for nutrient deficient soils e.g, clay and sand etc. It is called Proganics Biotic Soil Media which is a topsoil replacement where importing soil is prohibitive.

ProGanics Biotic Soil Media

ProGanics help soils reach their full potential anywhere it is needed, on top of bare ground or under erosion control blankets, straw, hydraulic mulch, or soil. It is engineered with key biological elements and patented bark and wood fibres to kick-start vigorous root development and vegetation establishment while also initiating the nutrient cycling necessary to regenerate depleted soils. Using ProGanics Biotic Soil Media instead of trucked in topsoil or compost saves money and time while delivering satisfying results and less of a carbon footprint.

Flexterra HP-FGM

As severe weather events become increasingly frequent, more contractors/engineers than ever are turning to the proven strength and versatility of Flexterra HP-FGM hydraulic mulch for erosion control and revegetation. This product is industry leading designed for the most extreme slopes and swales on the market. Lawn & Turf have been using Flexterra on a range of jobs over the years with enormous success.