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Willow weed often has a dark spot in the middle of its leaves and the flowers are small, pink and clustered into a tight cylinder… Read More »Willow


Moss is ever present over winter usually with the shaded areas of your property being the most susceptible.  It is good practice over winter to… Read More »Moss


Summergrass will germinate at any opportunity given light at ground level.  Mowing your lawn at 70-90mm will greatly reduce Summergrass germination. Puma S is the… Read More »Summergrass


The Buttercup weed has an insidious nature which can be very difficult to control and the long roots can re-sprout a new plant if left… Read More »Buttercup


Clovers are an extremely common weed that has a creeping stem with distinctive leaves notched at the tip. Clover heads are often visited by bees.… Read More »Clover


Dandelions will push out grass and other plants as well as sapping water and nutrients from other plants. You can get rid of dandelions by… Read More »Dandelion


Onehunga weed is a prickly interloper which makes walking on the lawn in bare feet very painful. It is an annual weed and the prickles… Read More »Onehunga