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Lawn & Turf continue to work on existing relationships and the development of new relationships, both within the business, with clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Credibility in the marketplace is one of the key drivers to creating growth.

Our relationships are created on a personal service, that has a can-do attitude. We also follow up with an aftercare service. We leave aftercare instructions with every job, educating the client on how to maintain their new lawn is critical to the success of the lawn and the relationship that we will have long term.

If there are any concerns, we aim to address these quickly and rectify any concerns, even if they are not of our making, ie weather events.


We consider our staff our best asset and investment, they are key in the communication role with clients. We have regular feedback from our clients praising our staff and our business.

If we do have some negative feedback, we also consider this as valuable as this is a way to improve systems within our business. All issues are addressed, and in many cases the Managing Director Mike Glasson will meet with the client to discuss and resolve any concerns.

Customer feedback and enquiry has helped us focus the direction of our business, and it is vital to provide a product and service that the market wants and is looking for.


We actively work with our suppliers with training and the development of new products that are entering the market. We rely on our credibility in the community to help generate avenues for staffing and local work. Where possible we get involved in local community events, fundraisers and general community support.

As a community we also like to be involved with community projects. Lawn and Turf has contributed to the new Ohaupo Community Sport and Recreation Centre. One of the Directors, Debbie Glasson is currently a committee member and a Trustee of the Trust that is undertaking the new project.

Staff Culture

Lawn and Turf consider staff as part of the family, we actively encourage professional development of all staff. Lawn & Turf Contracting’s leadership style can be described as democratic. Everyone is given the opportunity to participate, ideas are exchanged freely, and discussion is encouraged. We work effectively as a team, which creates a positive work culture.

A safe and healthy work environment is achieved through the co-operation and compliance of each staff member with LTC procedures and relevant work standards, which are developed through a consultative approach with staff. We address work-life balances in our organisation ensuring that our employees mostly work 5 days a week and usually not over 10 hours a day.

We also try to foster a fun atmosphere at work and on premises we have a basketball hoop, putting green and cricket pitch which is used regularly after work by our employees to wind down.

Innovation and Knowledge

Lawn and Turf’s aim is to provide a quality product and service while continuing to strive for knowledge.

In the last 3 years our business has grown due to our ability to provide an all-round service, from site preparation, irrigation design and installation, sowing of seed, hydroseeding and providing aftercare service and lawncare service. We have also recently responded to requests for artificial turf.

We undergo training courses each year and currently have 4 staff doing Level 3 Turf Management Diploma. The Diploma is a one-year course that is made up of correspondence units, block courses and on the job training with the Director, Mike Glasson. Mike is required to set tasks and verify and critique assignments. Mike has a Greenkeeping Diploma which allows him to do on the job training and upskilling of all staff.

Environment Sustainability

One of Lawn and Turf’s key goals is to analyse how we as a business are impacting the environment. We are looking to adopt new processes, whether it be by:

  • Reducing waste output
  • Recycling more materials including plastics, tins, glass.
  • Actively using the AgRecovery recycling program for chemical containers
  • Choosing office stationery by specifically buying stationery products that are kinder on the environment and assessing print quantities. Continue sending emailed versions of quotes and invoices (less waste)
  • Managing fuel consumption of company vehicles, using additives that help reduce emissions.
  • Encouraging responsible irrigation (less wastage of water); automatic irrigation systems with smart watering features to manage watering.

Our biggest contribution to environmental sustainability is through using Profile products distributed through PGG Wrightson. They are market leaders in environmental sustainability.

Profile Products Certificates: