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Red Thread

Seen for its obvious red colour, Red Thread can be very prevalent in lawns these days. It can take hold especially over winter when fertility gets low and it is continually wet. Whilst it looks bad, it doesn’t generally kill the grass. Spraying a fungicide and applying fertiliser will get this under control. You may need to spray the fungi 2 to 3 times to achieve total control.

The best control measure is to maintain a good supply of nitrogen in the turf to promote growth. This enables the disease to be mowed out. A fertiliser containing some potassium is best as this will harden up the plant and help protect it from the elements of hot summers and cold winters.

The spraying of fungicides only gains a short-term result, it aids in the grass building up its own resistance to the disease and you will get locked into an annual cycle of treatments.  Personally, I prefer to combat Red Thread with good lawncare practices and a well-managed fertiliser programme and good water management to reduce the affects.  Once conditions improve the lawn will recover with no lasting damage.

Remove clippings when mowing. If you water, water deeply and infrequently and only if conditions start to dry. Anything you can do to improve drying will help e.g. reduce shade, improve air flow